An Other World – Mother Elephant

I dreamed my mother. She came to me as a matriarch elephant riding the moon, wildly decorated as if to remind me of her love, her spirit, her presence.

An Other World – Mechanica

I dreamed I sat on the bow of an old ship. Its metal hull and deck shone like a polished mirror. I sat under a phosphorescent tree growing out of the deck. It had the feel of belonging there, and so did I. As I sat and watched a moon rose, bright and stunning in […]

An Other World – I Dreamed The Moon

I dreamed the moon. What more is there to say?  

An Other World – Dark Matter Dream

I dreamed I could see the Dark Matter, the glue holding the universe together. Lo and behold it moves in spiral patterns, filling the nooks and crannies between celestial bodies.

An Other World – Infinite Gold World Dream

I dreamed I was floating in an infinite golden world. The terrain was warm and inviting; there wasn’t a right angle to be seen. ┬áThen my altitude started to change. The altimeter spun out of control and I soared higher and higher. Suddenly I was separated from my warm, golden spiral world by a distorted […]

An Other World – Moon Flower Dream

I dreamed of balmy breezes and salty skin. The stars draped me in wonder, and the moon rose like a bright flower over a calm sea.

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