An Other World – Hightech Kite

I dreamed I was floating on a hightech kite. It was weird. There was no wind. My craft landed softly in glassy water the color of gods, and I wondered at the quietest and most beautiful sunrise I’d ever seen. May you know this peace.

An Other World – Pink Moon

I dreamed I sat in stillness on a covered dock. The circular motion of my breath pulled me inward and outward at the same time, like the flow of the tides. A Pink Moon rose, accompanied by the faint music of stars, and each breath solidified my awareness. Of wonder. Of connection. Of oneness.

An Other World – Electric Blue Moon

I dreamed of an electric blue moon, its shapes and shadows reflected against a velvet sky. On a ship with spiral sails and mirrored oars I sailed, wondering if I, too, reflected that celestial beauty.

An Other World – Dark Matter Dream

I dreamed I could see the Dark Matter, the glue holding the universe together. Lo and behold it moves in spiral patterns, filling the nooks and crannies between celestial bodies.

An Other World – Infinite Gold World Dream

I dreamed I was floating in an infinite golden world. The terrain was warm and inviting; there wasn’t a right angle to be seen. ┬áThen my altitude started to change. The altimeter spun out of control and I soared higher and higher. Suddenly I was separated from my warm, golden spiral world by a distorted […]

An Other World – Memories Dream

I dreamed I was ten, old enough for my grandparents to let me watch the sunset with them. We rocked in big rocking chairs painted in Easter Egg colors, they sipping their cocktails, me my sweet tea. As dusk fell the sky took on an ethereal light. For a moment, just one moment, it was […]

An Other World – Moon Flower Dream

I dreamed of balmy breezes and salty skin. The stars draped me in wonder, and the moon rose like a bright flower over a calm sea.

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