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Imagining A Wormhole #2

Imagining A Wormhole #1


An Other World – Mother Elephant

I dreamed my mother. She came to me as a matriarch elephant riding the moon, wildly decorated as if to remind me of her love, her spirit, her presence.

An Other World – Hightech Kite

I dreamed I was floating on a hightech kite. It was weird. There was no wind. My craft landed softly in glassy water the color of gods, and I wondered at the quietest and most beautiful sunrise I’d ever seen. May you know this peace.

An Other World – Pink Moon

I dreamed I sat in stillness on a covered dock. The circular motion of my breath pulled me inward and outward at the same time, like the flow of the tides. A Pink Moon rose, accompanied by the faint music of stars, and each breath solidified my awareness. Of wonder. Of connection. Of oneness.

An Other World – Electric Blue Moon

I dreamed of an electric blue moon, its shapes and shadows reflected against a velvet sky. On a ship with spiral sails and mirrored oars I sailed, wondering if I, too, reflected that celestial beauty.

Silver and Light

I love gray horses, except grooming them after a good roll in the mud of course. This mare’s ethereal beauty drew me to her.

The Merge

I vaguely remember the crash. It was peculiar in that there was no explosion, only a merging and mushing of spectacularly strange shapes. It seemed meant to be, but difficult for my physical mind to accept. I only saw the beauty.

Of Twirls and Things

Well, I tried a thing, but that thing didn’t turn out to be the right thing. So I tried another thing that was the wrong thing, too. The third thing was closer to the thing I wanted, but it still wasn’t THE thing. Things are eluding me today, but I will continue to experiment and […]

An Other World – Mechanica

I dreamed I sat on the bow of an old ship. Its metal hull and deck shone like a polished mirror. I sat under a phosphorescent tree growing out of the deck. It had the feel of belonging there, and so did I. As I sat and watched a moon rose, bright and stunning in […]

Spirit Horse – Sunshine and Hair

Spirit Horse – Pete

Spirit Horse – The Crossing

Spirit Horse – Radly

Spirit Horse – Good Hair

Spirit Horse – Winter Whiskers

Merry Christmas, 2013!

Hi folks, Just a note to say Merry Christmas! It’s been a banner year in terms of creative activity here at Happy Accidents Design. The love and support of family and friends sure gets the juices flowing. I’ve added a few creations to this post to give you an idea. I call these “Sharon’s Stable” […]

Music – Peace (I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day)

Peace on earth. I think about it all the time, particularly at this time of year. This song, based on a Longfellow poem, is beautiful and touching, both the words and the music. I hope you enjoy my take on it. Special thanks to E.J. Ouellette for playing guitar and recording it for and with […]


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