So Grateful – Release!

I am proud to announce the release of So Grateful, my first single! You can find it here.

So Grateful Artwork

I am So Grateful for each person who touches my life, each event past and present. Like reading a book, turning the page keeps me moving and growing. It seems an apt analogy. I’m grateful for every dog-eared page turned so far in the tome of my life. Being grateful is the core and chorus of my life, and this song.

Many thanks to my friends and teachers and mentors for your support and guidance along the way. Who knew?! In particular, thanks and kudos to those directly involved in writing, recording, and producing So Grateful. Ej Ouellette and his Artist Development Program at Whole Music, not to mention that he performed all the instrumentation(!), Susanne Cameron, Alysia MusiCat, and Leigh Harty for their excellent harmonies, and Mimi Sparrow, Executive Producer. You all ROCK!

Please share the link to this song. Let’s make it go viral! Thanks!

One Comment to "So Grateful – Release!"

  1. Sharon,I enjoyed looking at your website,and look forward to hearing your new release!

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