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Lutar, a lute/classical guitar hybrid

My fine and varied collection of instruments include classical guitars, a 7-course lute, and a new hybrid instrument I dubbed a lutar. The lutar is made from a german lute body fitted with a classical guitar neck. The headstock is gorgeously carved, and the tuning pegs are German Cherry. It’s a very cool thing to look late and to play.

Classical guitar created by Alan Perlman. My favorite axe. My primary classical guitar is a thing of beauty to look at, to play, and to hear. She was made for me by the incredible Alan Perlman of San Francisco (www.perlmanguitars). His love and care and understanding comes through in every detail of that guitar. I call her Aurora for many different reasons. From the moment Aurora came into my arms it was the perfect fit. Alan captured the essence of me in that guitar. I am forever grateful.

My “glisstentar,” made by Godin, is an interesting beast. It is basically an electric oud. It has six courses of strings and is fretless. The body looks like an electric, but the pickups and strings and fretless neck all combine to give it the sound of the oud. It is strung and tuned like a guitar, so it’s easy to pick up and play. It inspires haunting melodies.



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