Faces In The Wood

Sometimes I create what I call a “mother image” such as Good Wood and then create derivative pieces from the it. Faces In The Wood is such a piece.

The matted and framed piece is currently on display at Angles & Art of Haverhill, 80 Wingate Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is available for purchase.

If you’d like it for other purposes, contact me and we’ll discuss your needs. I’m pretty adventurous about creating things.

Email me at sharon@sharonnetzley.com for information or to purchase.

Faces In The Wood

2 Comments to "Faces In The Wood"

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks very much, David. This piece actually derived from a photo of a piece of wood. Your comment makes me happy that I was able to keep the feel of the wood throughout the creative process.

  2. Luft Krigare says:

    Beautiful fractal. I love the wood grain feel.

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